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Garbanzo Beans for Good Health

How many healthy ways can you use garbanzo beans in recipes?  See my suggestions.
How many healthy ways can you use garbanzo beans in recipes? See my suggestions.
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Garbanzo Beans or Chickpeas should be part of a healthy diet. They are popular not only among vegetarians but anyone wanting to lose weight, eat nutrient based foods, and those in search of low cost, valuable nutrition.

Commonly flavored with lemon juice, salt and pepper, and even more popularly known for their buttery flavor in hummus, the garbanzo bean will take on any flavor added to the dish. This popular bean has even been used as a key ingredient in delicious Flourless Muffins for dessert or healthy sweet snacking.

Details for a 1 cup serving of cooked, dry beans. SOURCE and FATSECRET

1. Good source of protein: In 1 cup, there is 15 grams of protein.

2. Good source of fiber: In 1 cup, there is almost 13 grams!

3. 21% iron, 470 mg potassium, loaded with zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

4. As with all good, natural foods, they are key in heart health.

5. With 7% calcium, the garbanzo bean puts up a tough fit against osteoporosis.

6. To fight weight gain, this legume helps to balance blood sugar levels which lead to

reduced cravings and less snacking.

7. They are budget friendly, costing only $1.99 per 1lb bag.

So how do you eat your garbanzo beans? In hummus? - an easy to whip up recipe can be found here. In sweet treats? - try this recipe for flourless muffins. or do you simply add 1/2 a cup to your daily salad? Let us know the best way to eat garbanzo beans.

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