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Garbage truck collects couple sleeping in dumpster

A green dumpster.
A green dumpster.

Dumpster diving for a discarded lamp or chair is one thing, but sleeping in a dumpster with your dog can be downright dangerous, a Spokane couple learned Tuesday morning.

The unidentified couple who decided to sleep inside a dumpster were woke by jolts and the whine of hydraulics as a garbage truck stabbed their dumpster and flipped them into a heap of smelly garbage piled in the back of the truck. The truck driver inadvertently dumped the couple into his garbage truck around 7:00 a.m. near 2nd Avenue and Sherman.

Spokane Solid Waste Department Supervisor Rick Highes said the truck’s driver heard odd noises coming from the garbage compartment and saw a box of garbage fly out. Fortunately, for the couple and their dog, he decided to pull over and investigate.

“When he noticed the box fly off, he thought he heard some yelling and pounding so he pulled over,” Highs said. According to Highs, many drivers wear earplugs that could have prevented the driver from discovering the trio pounding the walls in the truck’s garbage compartment.

Upon discovering the weary homeless wanderers, the driver called 9-1-1. A motorist whom also heard the commotion coming from the back of the truck was taken aback when she got close enough to hear muffled yells emanating from the back of the truck.

“I parked my car and I heard yelling. Like ‘help me, help me please’ and ‘get me out of here!”’ witness Ann Jorgensen told KREM. “We saw the back of the garbage truck open up, they were throwing out the garbage and people were climbing out from the ladder.”

The incident came to a stinky but happy conclusion after a local hospital checked out the man and woman and found them to be unhurt. To boot, their dog is also fine according to a KHO News report.

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