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Garam Masala with a dash of gratefulness

Gratefulness can cure blues and raise your pleasure levels
Gratefulness can cure blues and raise your pleasure levels

Easy Garam Masala with a dash of gratefulness....

$.05 - 2 TBS Coriander
$.05 - 2 TBS Cumin
$.05 - 1 TBS Ground Fennel
$.25 - 1 Tsp Cardamom

.40 cents total cost vs. $1.98 store bought = $1.50 savings at least...

How gratefulness affects your health:

  • Grateful people have overall better health
  • Sleep sounder& wake more refreshed
  • Calmer, less likely to react aggressively when provoked
  • Improved relationships with spouse and others
  • Less anxiety and depression

How gratefulness affects your enjoyment of life:

  • Simple. Both positive and negative emotions affect us. Practicing gratefulness creates more positive emotions in us. Gratitude transforms us into being happier people.

How your practicing gratefulness impacts the world:

  • Simple. You being a happier more content person makes you an even more pleasant and thoughtful person to be around. Your contentment becomes viral to those around you, and it spreads.

How to get your gratitude on and get all these great benefits:

  • Simple. First thing every single morning write short sentences of things you are grateful for. Nothing fancy. Don't over think it. Keep a notebook & pen by your bed & do it before your feet even hit the floor.


Feel free to Make a wish & light a candle HERE for anyone or any reason. (It's free) s a worldwide community dedicated to gratefulness as the core inspiration for personal change, international cooperation, and sustainable activism in areas of universal concern. offers free resources as well as workshops, retreats, and local groups that teach people to cultivate gratefulness. Their goal is to set up a spiral of learning, practice, and sharing that opens out into real-life action and service to society.

The practice of gratefulness moves people in four directions:

  • In our personal lives, it has an inward aspect, restoring courage;
  • An outward aspect, inspiring generosity.
  • In our social lives, it can be focused one-to-one, reconciling relationships,
  • Or it can be focused further: as an instrument for healing our Earth through reverence for nature, inter-generational respect, interfaith dialogue, and awareness of opportunities to serve.

These four directions add up to a commitment to live in the light of all we’ve been given.

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Did you light your candle? You can send me some good wishes if you don't mind!

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