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Garage Door Maintenance 101


Garage door maintenance is one of those chores that seems to be put off forever.  "Oh, the door is working ok now.  I need to finish mowing the lawn."  Then when they don't open it's a crisis.  In the Houston area with all the leaves and pine needles the bottom of the doors can get dirty and if a leaf blower is used on the yard and driveway debris can get under and on the workings of the garage door.

Besides keeping a good coat of paint on the outside of the door and  the inside insulated, here are two websites with good information on keeping the doors working.  If the weatherstipping on the doors is cracked or gone it can easily be reinstalled.  Weatherstripping as well as maintenance kits are sold at the local home improvement store.

If the garage doors are operated by automatic openers, these should be professionally checked every year or two.  Keep the paperwork handy in case the system needs to be reset or the doors need to be opened and closed because of a power outage.

It takes very little time to keep garage doors in tip-top shape, and it will bring nothing but good benefits.

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