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Ganjapreneurs Coming To A City Near You

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This election year many states are looking to vote on medical marijuana, as in the State of Florida whose legislature has just passed a form of medical marijuana named Charlotte's Web and whose Governor is going to sign it into law. The growers market and the distribution points are lighting up across the state. Many are registering for licenses to become marijuana entrepreneurs. They are wanting to get in on the ground floor so to speak in the trade.

There are many who have seen the results for Colorado who started selling personal marijuana over the counter. They see the profit it brings are wanting their piece of the pie. In Florida, over the last year, some 80 businesses have filed for licenses with marijuana related names in their titles.

Colorado has been the test sight and with reasonable profits coming in so far that many never thought possible. The tax money alone has many politicians in Colorado seeing green. Much can be done with that extra revenue coming into the state coffers.

The State of Florida has an Amendment 2 on the ballot this fall that will allow a considerable amount of THC in the form of medical marijuana to be used. So with both forms of medical marijuana very possibly becoming law in Florida, the state will see an increase in growers and distributors. Legislators have already come out and said that they want Florida's marijuana to be home grown so to speak. They are not looking for out of state growers to become involved in the process.

In the city of Tampa classes are already being offered to people who are interested in getting into the pot trade. They are showing the fundamentals of growing to distribution. At a cost of $500 per class these seminar classes are already making some people rich. This is just the beginning.With the election in the fall not even having taken place and the actual first joint many years away, it looks as if many will come to Florida to get in on the ground floor of this new industry.

Another thing to be considered is that with medical marijuana becoming law most feel that Florida will go the way of Colorado eventually and allow it to be sold openly. The only hindrance right now is the federal government but with the President and some of Congress already feeling the conscience of America changing it won't be long before they follow suit and finally just legalize marijuana all the way. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to



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