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'Gang Related' on Fox: Was this show renewed or canceled?

Terry O'Quinn
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tonight viewers get to see the season one finale of "Gang Related" on Fox. This show is going great, but viewers are curious if it will be back for another season or if it is over after tonight. On Thursday, TV Line shared a few small spoilers about this finale. They also let viewers know if this show is coming back or not.

First off viewers do not know if the show is coming back. Fox has not made any decision on if they plan to renew "Gang Related" for a second season. As of right now, this show is over and has not been renewed. It has not been canceled either though. It might end up coming back again but only time will tell what they decide to do.

Tonight Daniel is going to use his wedding. He will be using it for a deal between Javier and Lavar Quintel. Chapel will be in charge of leading a team that is searching for Matias. This search will head to Mexico on the season finale tonight.

Hollywood Reporter shared some spoilers about this finale as well. The tension between Ryan and the Acostas will get worse. Ryan and Chapel are both really upset about the loss of Jessica. One thing that will happen for sure tonight is that they will get some closure on her death. Viewers will find out who killed her and some information on why they did it will even come out. The finale tonight will set up season two of the show. It will leave fans wanting more without a doubt.

Don't miss the season one finale of "Gang Related" tonight on Fox. This should be a great finale. Hopefully Fox makes a decision soon about season two of this show. There is a pretty good chance that it should be confirmed if the next two weeks.

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