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Gaming community expects 'Alien: Isolation' to be a failure

On January 7, Sega and Creative Assembly officially announced that Alien: Isolation is in the works and is expected to be released sometime in late 2014. The game is going to be a horror survival game with the eerie tone of the Ridley Scott film.

However most gamers are not that excited about a new Aliens game published by Sega while many are already expecting it to be a massive failure. Gamers have been expressing their lack of interest on message boards and gaming sites like N4G.

Most of the gaming community's frustration comes from the failures of the highly-anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines and Aliens Vs Predator. Gamers had high hopes for both games, only they were panned for the weak gameplay content and repetitive action.

The most common reply to the announcement has been gamers expecting another disappointment like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Others have pointed out to the plot hole that new game has created since it was stated in Aliens that Amanda Ripley-McClaren died on earth while the Weyland-Yutani Corporation had never encountered a Xenomorph. Meanwhile the game is set 15 years after Alien and features Ripley's daughter having an encounter with the Xenomorph.

Gamers who are optimistic hope that game is more like the Ridley Scott original horror masterpiece. They are hoping the game is a true horror survival similar to Resident Evil with a Dead Space setting.

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