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GameStop stores to have early opening for 3DS

Gaming on a whole new level
Gaming on a whole new level

Sunday March 27th will see the release of the new Nintendo 3DS game system. GameStop stores in the Dayton area will have both midnight and an early Sunday opening for this momentous occasion. Only one store in Dayton will be open at midnight for this event but five stores will be open early on Sunday for those wishing to purchase the new portable system.

The new Nintendo gaming system will be released with several 3D games which will also be available to purchase. These include Legos Star Wars III, The Sims 3, and Pilotwings Resort.

The store which will be open at midnight is the Wilmington Pike location. Those that will be open at nine am on Sunday are E Linden Ave, W Dorothy Lane, both Miamisburg-Centerville Rd locations, and York Commons Blvd. The Wilmington Pike store will be open at 10 pm for patrons to wait but not sell until 12:01 am. For the early Sunday opening it is recommended for patrons to arrive early because long lines may form. However since the opening is during normal business hours, after the early opening, those who arrive later will still be able to get a 3DS.