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GameStop announcement leaked: Red Hood coming to 'Batman: Arkham Knight'

The big GameStop announcement has leaked and it's about Batman: Arkham Knight.
The big GameStop announcement has leaked and it's about Batman: Arkham Knight.
Photo courtesy of Imgur, used with permission.

It's been revealed Wednesday that the big announcement video game retailer GameStop has teased through its social media sites is related to "Batman: Arkham Knight" and involves the Red Hood.

Via its social media sites like Twitter, GameStop teased a big game announcement to its followers with a blurry photo attached. The official reveal was scheduled for today, but thanks to, the identity of who or what was in the blurry photo has been exposed. The image in the GameStop tweet is none other than Red Hood, also known as Jason Todd, or the the second person to take up the Robin mantle in the comics. It seems a DLC starring the former boy wonder will be offered by GameStop as a pre-order bonus for "Batman: Arkham Knight." In addition to Red Hood, the Harley Quin DLC is available as a pre-order bonus from all major retailers.

Back in March of this year, GameStop were offering a 75th anniversary Batman poster for pre-ordering the final Batman game by developer Rocksteady. In comparison to other pre-order bonuses other retailers were offering, such as an exclusive Batmobile game model from Walmart, the Batman poster from GameStop was objectively the weakest. Now, it seems GameStop has really stepped up its game by exclusively offering the Red Hood DLC. Right now it's unclear if the Red Hood DLC was planned from the beginning, or an example of GameStop working closely with developers to offer exclusive content.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" was originally planned for an October release this year. However, the title was delayed to 2015 to give Rocksteady more time to fine-tune the game. When ready, "Batman: Arkham Knight" will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Due to weaker performance, there will be no Wii U port of "Batman: Arkham Knight."