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GameStop and Gamecrazy to host Mass Effect 2 midnight release

Pre-orders of BioWare's anticipated sequel Mass Effect 2 have shipped from according to confirmation e-mails sent out earlier today.

Austinites who didn't pre-order from an online retailer may still do so at local GameStops which will be keeping their doors open late for midnight releases across the country Monday night.

GameStop has confirmed that today, Saturday the 23rd, is the final day pre-orders are available meaning the window of opportunity for gamers to obtain the exclusive Terminus armor set and M-490 Blackstorm heavy weapon is closing. 

Game Crazy will also be hosting a midnight release at the Pflugerville store, located off Wells Branch Parkway at I-35, the Red River at 41st, and the Cedar Park store. The pre-order gift is the Infernus armor set which was also available through Amazon.

Gamers looking for exclusive pre-order content who miss out on getting their pre-order in should still contact game stores after today. It is common for retailers to give out extra redemption codes at midnight releases if not enough pre-orders were sold locally. 

Mass Effect 2 has received extremely positive reviews garnering a 98 overall from, the database which averages ratings from industry publications and websites. The official release date is set for January 26, 2010.

Releasing alongside Mass Effect 2 will be the much anticipated PS3 only title MAG. The online game throws gamers into the fire as they partake in online team battles with up to 256 simultaneous fellow gamers.

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