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Gamescom: Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro resurrecting 'Silent Hills'

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"Metal Gear Solid" creator Hideo Kojima and "Pan's Labirynth" director Guillermo Del Toro will team up to resurrect Konami's "Silent Hill" series.

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The unveiling of a new psychological horror title, "P.T." was made Tuesday afternoon during Sony's Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany, but it was teased earlier in the morning with a minute-long trailer on the PlayStation Network Store. Players were asked to "decipher the enigma" in an interactive teaser. Twitch user SoapyWarpig was the first to complete the teaser, revealing a cutscene in a desolate haunted-looking town with title cards revealing the involvement of Kojimo and Del Toro. The teaser continued by pulling the camera out to reveal "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus as the protagonist. It concluded with one last title card, featuring the title "Silent Hills."

There's no word whether this is a new game, or an interactive movie or something entirely different. Del Toro has tried to break into the games industry before, with about as much luck as he had making some of his pet projects in Hollywood. He teamed up with struggling publisher THQ and developer Voilition to develop "InSane," a H.P. Lovecraft-inspired gothic horror game. But much like his attempts at getting "At the Mountains of Madness" financed, work on the game was canceled when THQ shut its doors in 2012.

Kojima, on the other hand, enjoyed a successful career as a collaborator. He helped relaunch another struggling Konami property with "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow." With the backing of Kojima Productions and his name plastered over the marketing, the title enjoyed tremendous success. A sequel didn't fare as well.

"Silent Hill" was once one of Konami's most lucrative franchises until it fell on hard times. The last entry in the main series, 2012's "Silent Hill: Downpour" was trashed by both critics and gamers.