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Gamescom 2014: Sony press conference wrap up

These are a few screenshots from the live feed.
These are a few screenshots from the live feed.

Following up Microsoft’s quick press conference, Sony took a turn a few hours later. It had a lot of slow, low points, but when it hit, it hit hard. With multiple surprises, let’s get to the wrap up.

A shot from their Gamescom press conference.


  • The show kicked off with Q Games, creators of the Pixel Junk series, revealing their new game, The Tomorrow Children
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter received a new trailer
  • Volume, from the creator behind Thomas Was Alone, premiered with its first trailer
  • Hollow Point was shown off in a new trailer
  • Day Z is coming to the PS4
  • A spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword, Hellblade, was revealed for the first time with a teaser trailer
  • A new trailer for Rime was shown
  • A demo reel featuring several indie titles like Ether One and Cube 2 was shown
  • Bungie revealed the first expansion of Destiny will launch in December for all platforms
  • Far Cry 4 revealed plans to allow PlayStation users who buy the game will receive 10 demo keys to invite friends to play for up to two hours in co-op
  • Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor received a new trailer
  • Hideo Kojima came onstage to reveal a new trailer, highlighting upgrades to the card board box gameplay in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
  • P.T. was revealed and is available to try out on PS4 right now
  • A new feature, Share Play, was announced to allow users to share games with any of their friends online with PlayStation Plus even if that person does not own the game
  • Until Dawn got a new trailer
  • Drive Club was demoed live onstage
  • Media Molecule revealed they are making a semi sequel to Tearaway, Unfolded, for the PS4, which is more or less a remixed version of the first game with new levels and gameplay mechanics utilizing the PS4 controller
  • Housemarque, developers behind the Super Stardust series, revealed their new PS4 game, Alienation
  • Michel Ancel, the creative mind behind the recent Rayman reboots, announced a new PS4 exclusive game, Wild, closing out the show
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