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Games to play with your baby

Activity gyms are a great way to entertain and stimulate your baby
Activity gyms are a great way to entertain and stimulate your baby
Sarah Schroeder

As a new parent, do you ever find yourself wondering what you should be doing with your baby all day?  You want to ensure that your baby is stimulated enough, but not over stimulated; you want to help her learn new things without pushing her too far. 

Babycenter has some great tips for new moms, and even a week-by-week activity list for your little tot.  The activity list is full of stimulating and educational games to play with your baby.   By interacting with your baby and showing genuine interest in his development, you will strengthen your mother-baby bond and have a little fun at the same time.

Most of the activities listed on Babycenter are free and do not require any special toys or supplies.  However, if you do not have an activity gym, it is a great investment for the first four months of your baby's life.  You can find a great selection of activity gyms at the Babies R Us at 5142 South Wadsworth Boulevard in Littleton.

Activity gyms are composed of stimulating colors and toys that hang just within baby's reach.  The colorful, dangling toys will appeal to your baby as she grows.  Over time she will not just look at the toys, but will also start reaching out to bat and hold the hanging toys. 

An activity gym is also a great place for tummy time.  The bright colors on the mat will fascinate your baby while he struggles to hold up his head and strengthen his neck muscles.  If your baby fights and cries during tummy time, try getting down on the mat with him; talk to him, sing to him, and show him that you are right there on your tummy too.

Playing with your baby and fostering her development takes time and energy, but it is well worth it.  If you need ideas about new games to play with your baby, check out Babycenter's activity list.  You may be surprised at how much your baby enjoys even the simplest games.


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