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Games For Change Festival to conclude with Public Arcade in Tribeca

Games For Change
Games For Change

The 11th annual Games For Change Festival, this year a part of the Tribeca Film Festival, is set to conclude on April 26, 2014 with a large Public Arcade in conjunction with the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair.

Running from 10am-6pm on Jay Street between Greenwich and Hudson Streets, the festival will feature digital games to play from industry leaders, including Zynga, TinyTap, Schell Games, and more. You can check out the full schedule of events here.

The 11th annual festival featured luminaries from throughout the industry, with the keynote speaker That Game Company's Jenova Chen. Chen's talk, entitled "Blank Canvas: Designing A New Era Of Emotional Storytelling Through Games", highlighted the differences in the emotions players can feel in different gameplay arenas, and how those emotional reactions guided, and continue to guide, he and his team as they develop games in an evolving world.

You can check out Jenova Chen's speech at this link and be sure to check back here on Monday for our exclusive interview with him, talking about Games For Change, the emotional connection of gaming, and more.

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