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Gamers trash THQ over UFC 2010 demo delays


 Update: The demo is now up! Go to the UFC 2010 community web page to get your key!

Earlier this month, THQ announced that anyone who registered on UFC Undisputed 2010's community web site would be given a key redeemable for early access to the UFC 2010 demo on April 29th. The demo would then become available to the public on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network shortly after.

Keys were supposed to be distributed to community members this morning, but due to an overwhelming surge of traffic, the site's forums were forced to shut down. A little later, THQ said on their official Facebook page that keys would begin being distributed in the evening (PDT).

According to the official Facebook page for UFC Undisputed 2010:

"Thanks for your interest in the demo. We haven't started distributing the demo keys just yet. The key giveaways will begin on Thursday evening (Pacific Time). We will officially announce it on the Community as well as here on Facebook once the codes become available."

Many gamers did not take the news well and vented their frustration in the comment section. Before reading some of the more colorful ones, please keep the following in consideration.

1.) This is a Facebook page that can be viewed by the public. Presumably, none of these posters are hiding behind the guise of anonymity and are using their real names.

2.) The demo is absolutely free. While it's understandable to complain when World of Warcraft's servers crash or Xbox Live isn't working because you're paying for a service, THQ is charging absolutely nothing to gain EARLY access to the demo.

3.) Every single time something major is released to download on the Internet, it's inevitable that there are complications. Betas, content patches, demos --if it's something that a ton of people want, it's almost guaranteed that there will be some delays before everything is working smoothly. Ever try playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on launch day?

4.) The community site THQ is advertising is designed to be an intergral component of UFC 2010's online multiplayer experience.


Makes you feel good to be a gamer, doesn't it?

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  • Anthony Pontrelli 4 years ago

    Everyone.. it's a demo shut up and find something better to do my god or go make the damn game yourself and try to run it smoothly see how well it comes out

  • kris mata 4 years ago

    these people are so bipolar.
    they are all mad right now but when the demo actually does come out, they will be happy again

  • anon 4 years ago

    haha great point about battle field. however it annoys me how vague THQ keeps being id like a time frame other than evening pst time. they said midnight pst time as well then AM hours pst not evening. they are vague about how the codes are even going out to people as well. they dont know if its email or if its something else and they are posting something else to guide us through how it works. i woke up this morning checked said oh well went to a gym got home checked still nothing went to a second gym got home at 8 and still no good. 10:30 now id like them to be less vague. your point about battle field was the best haha so i give THQ a lot more respect now.

  • Will 4 years ago

    there is a right to be angry with thq, instead of releasing the demo on the console for everyone they required you to join their market ploy community and then failed to deliver on promises in egregious fashion

  • Ouch 4 years ago

    Im confused. Im sorry that THQ is getting so much hate just for delaying a demo, but when Activision releases a turd of a game to the world, no one blinks?

  • Demo is out now 4 years ago

    You can download the demo now! GOOGOGOGOOGOGOGO!

  • Andre 4 years ago

    THQ is doing its best to get the demo codes out, so how about you guys stop hating on them.

  • Demo is out now 4 years ago

    You can download the demo now! GOOGOGOGOOGOGOGO!

  • @Ouch 4 years ago

    A free demo and a game that costs $60 are hardly the same thing.

  • THQ Fan 4 years ago

    I applaud THQ for delivering another fine product. Eff the haters, those annoying, whining punks.

  • Mr.AvidGamer 4 years ago

    My take on the whole situation is simple. THQ didn't deliver therefore people have the right to be upset. I too have been waiting on the demo and at this point i'm frustrated with the whole situation. In the world of gaming serious gamers live by a standard of timing. We believe in release date. When something is said then we as avid gamers listen. Don't say what you don't mean especially if you are unsure especially on a worldwide scale. It's not about the demo what about the actual game when u have to link things off the game through the website like the fightcamps. Gotta be consistent. Bad move THQ.

  • @Mr. Avid Gamer 4 years ago

    To some extent I agree. Consistency is good and coming through with your promise is commendable.

    That said, whining and moaning about something that's entirely free is just retarded. They didn't have to come out with a demo at all. Sure it took them 12 hours longer to get it out than expected, but honest to Christ, it's barely worth being mildly annoyed about. If you're that emotionally invested in a free demo that you can't wait 12 hours for them to fix a need to get your priorities back in line.

    That said, I still do agree with some of what you said. THQ could've handled it better.

  • Timothy Cruz 4 years ago

    Hey stop hating on THQ They only messed up once everybody makes mistakes i mean u got to thank them for help making wonderful games i mean the codes are out now so they did fix it now apologize

  • Examined 4 years ago

    This shows just how pathetic gamers really are.

  • Proud Brocktarded Noobtard Retard Dongface 4 years ago



  • Bob 4 years ago

    What'S the problem douchebags? I've downloaded it with no problems!

  • matrix 4 years ago

    i was really mad to cause i couldnt find the demo but i knew better than to pull a dana white on them

  • thedre 4 years ago

    I cant believe how many low lifes are trashing THQ for the delays of the ufc demo codes. Mistakes are bound to happen and you should expect that. All you people that were sitting in front of your computers waiting for a FREE CODE that THQ did NOT have to give but did gracefully, all need to get a life. Beside, when the game comes out, you all are gonna rush out and buy it anyways.

  • Dana White 4 years ago


    What the F*** are you f**cking talking about? I don't f**cking swear like these f**ks. Fedor is not the f***cking best fighter in the f**cking world, Anderson f**cking Silva is.

    Don't you wanna be a f***cking FIGHTER? HUH!?

  • Alex 4 years ago

    Wow these kids need to calm down and give the THQ a break, IT'S A FREE DEMO, I hate the sence of entitlement gamers have these days

  • Me 4 years ago

    LOL I wanted the demo too but man some of those guys act like it's crack or something