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Gamers opposed to Anders Breivik reciving better games

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The gaming community is strongly opposed to Anders Breivik, the perpetrator of the 2011 Norway attack, receiving better or even being allowed to play video games during his incarnation.

In a letter sent to the Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday; Breivik has threated to go on a hunger strike unless his list of demands were meet. Among them was that his PlayStation 2 was upgraded to a PlayStation 3 to help alleviate his "torture"-like living condition.

The story was then picked up by several news outlets.

In no time the gaming community has been quick condemn his demands while voicing their outrage on social media. Gamers have been universal in their response that Breivik should not be allowed to have a new game console.

"He should'nt be allowed to play video games in the first place", stated Boubacar Kone on the AFP Facebook page.

Josh Voorhees of noted that, "I'm guessing given he's specifically asking for a Playstation 3 that he's unaware that a newer model, the Playstation 4, came out this past fall. Either that, or the request is an odd show of moderation for a prisoner asking for new toys."

Many were actually shocked to learn that Breivik was allowed to even have a PlayStation 2.

A DailyMail reader commented, "This soulless, entitled monster killed 77 people, mostly young teens, and gets a Playstation to complain about and want to starve himself to death over. Please let him do so."

Anders Breivik is a right-wing activist who was responsible for the deadliest terrorist attack in Norway that killed 77 people. He was convicted in 2012 and now is serving 21 years of preventive detention with the possibility of it being extend every five years.

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