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Gamers discussion 001: Kids & gaming

A photo of two young boys playing a hand held video game
A photo of two young boys playing a hand held video game
Photo: Neeta Lind at Flickr

The pros and cons of playing video games often gets questioned in today's society. There are heated arguments both in favor and in opposition of video game usage for children. I participated in a panel of four which convened to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of children playing video games. The panel consisted of a parent, gamers, and myself who comes from an education background and has played video games for many years.

Listen to the Panel Discussion Here

The Panel

Marc - Host

Donald - Editor 2020 Gamer

Tanichea - Editor 2020 Gamer
Website: &

Laticia- New York Early Childhood Education Examiner
Website: NY Early Childhood Education Examiner Page & Bookends book review blog


  • How old should kids start?
  • ESRB, rule or guideline. Is it effective?
  • Gaming as scapegoat when things go wrong. Is it the fault of games or the parent?
  • Gaming as a tool other than entertainment.
  • What was your experience with your parents and various regulated media?

What the panel has been playing: Diablo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV with mods, Various Wii Titles, NBA 2k14, XCOM: Enemy Within DLC, and more.

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