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Gamemasters' Roshambo Set to Play in Licensing Arena


Rock, Paper, Scissors! Shoot, why didn't I think of that? But that's what it's all about as Roshambo, the new hero comic property from Gamemasters, emerges from its early comic book success and gets set to play to the global licensing and merchandising arena.

Gamemasters, created by Michael Dismuke, is a property that started as a fund-raising comic book idea that went from Kickstarter to center stage as a San Diego Comic Con exhibitor in only four months.

Its rapid success secured Gamemasters an exhibit at this year's International Licensing Expo, the premier trade show where the worlds' most influential properties, characters and brands meet with consumer goods makers and entertainment partners to accomplish global merchandising and marketing deals.

Currently, the Gamemasters legion continues to flourish and the fan base grows as the company now offers Roshambo Issue #1 as a free download; Gamemasters social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) offer immediate interactivity; Dismuke is a charismatic, rising star, landing publicity interviews, including a upcoming radio interview with Cat Smith of KSVY-FM.

Created and written by Dismuke, Gamemasters has been called "a cross between Calvin & Hobbes and the Colbert Report." The comic is about three children who are gifted with super powers by a god-like alien named Roshambo and discover that the seemingly simple game known as Rock-Paper-Scissors is, in actuality, the most perfect form of justice in the galaxy.

The comedic trio must pit their newfound powers against a host of new villains who are masters of schoolyard gags and games like Hopscotch, Freezetag, Red Rover, the Thumb Wrestler, Leapfrog, Tic Tac Toe, and more.

For Roshambo Issue #1, Dismuke tapped a very successful Kickstarter campaign and used the backing to print copies of the first story in the series and pay for the artistic talents of Susan Tsui. For its current effort to fund the Gamemasters graphic novel and the next four issues, which are already written by Dismuke, a Gamemasters Kickstarter campaign begins this month.

Gamemasters' goal is to have the graphic novel completed before the Licensing Show in June so that the property is fully embraced by the comic book world and the property is ready to expand into more merchandising and opportunities. Dismuke recently teamed up with Encline Designs, a Washington-based artist, painter and designer known for his custom Transformers, to bring to life the cast of Gamemasters' characters as awesome collectible figurines that could make their debut in 2014.

For further information, visit the company website and to interact with the company directly join the social media links on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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