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Game update 36 for ‘DC Universe Online’ dated, recapped

Wonder Woman in the Amazon Fury Part 1 DLC
Wonder Woman in the Amazon Fury Part 1 DLC
Photo courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment, used with permission

With a new DLC on the horizon, a major game update, and a spring event in the works, DC Universe Online players have plenty of things to anticipate. On Thursday, the DCUO community manager chimed in on the forums summarizing the upcoming content and officially dated the release of game update 36. All of which will be released in the coming weeks to eager superheroes and supervillains everywhere.

Game update 36 will launch on April 29 with the next DLC, Amazon Fury Part 1, releasing shortly thereafter. This update includes a number of combat balance changes, the ability to hide the UI, jump cancelling, and much more. Public test server notes can be found on the official forums, but things can change from those notes to the official notes published at the time of the update’s release.

Amazon Fury Part 1, the tenth DLC for the game, kicks off a three-DLC arc that centers on Wonder Woman and the Amazons. A new shared area, playable Wonder Woman and Circe in solo instances, and several alert and duos are included in the DLC.

Weapon mastery was intended to be a part of the DLC; however, that feature will now be available to everyone without purchase. It will still launch alongside it, however. This feature will let players master several weapons and use them together in combat for cross-weapon combinations.

The update is not the only change happening on April 29. Members on Playstation consoles will start receiving a 10 percent discount on Marketplace purchases. Members on PC will also receive that Marketplace discount in addition to being considered subscribers to other Sony Online Entertainment MMOs.

Finally, a spring event will occur in early May. Players will be able to see Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing, earn last year’s rewards, and work on finding new styles, base items, feats, and much more.

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