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Game on! How video games improve your fitness

Last month saw the release of Final Fantasy XIII, which set nerds -- gay and straight alike -- on high alert.
Guess what? Playing games is good for you, even if you never leave the couch! There's a link for the best workout games below -- but first, consider mental fitness. That's right, tone your brain!


  • Studies show positive effects on cognitive health (awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment)

  • improve empathy (playing with or against others)

  • Alleviate stress

  • Improve hand-eye coordination

  • Enhance the learning process

  • Boost imagination

  • Provide a distraction from snacking and overeating.

Tons of celebs are big-time gamers; some even provide the voices or appear IN the games themselves, like Jack Black, who created an entire game based on his own love of video games and music.

The members of New Found Glory, Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, and superstar athletes like Marshall Faulk and John Cena are all celebrity gamers.