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'Game of Thrones'-themed 'Hearthstone' deck is pointed and brilliant

'Game of Thrones'-themed 'Hearthstone' Deck-slide0

Game of Thrones” has turned into a pretty popular TV series while Blizzard Entertainment’s “Hearthstone” for the PC and iPad has taken the free-to-play card combat genre by storm. One enterprising Redditor came up with the idea to make characters from the TV show into cards for the game with sometimes hilarious but often pointed results and shared them Sunday.

Reddit poster randomnate created the deck of 31 “Game of Thrones”-themed “Hearthstone” cards. House Lannister, House Stark and their retainers naturally dominate the field of cards along with Danerys and the characters that are in her circle. It’s a fun and brilliant spin on both the game and show that was obviously done for the laughs more than trying to create an actual card game.

“I went for joke factor first and foremost, but I did try to make them semi-reasonable cards when possible,” randomnate said in explanation for why some of the cards seem over-powered. “Stannis and Dany probably ended up the most OP and in need of tweaking, and Loras is probably the hardest to make work.”

“The Tyrells were tricky to cost in general because their abilities don't really have equivalents in the actual game, whereas someone like Littlefinger seemed pretty easy. Average body for a 3 mana creature with situational effects like BGH or Mind Control tech, but his ability is less situational than theirs, so I raised the cost by one--best case he's a betrayal with a body attached, worst case he's a fairly underpowered 4 drop.”

“I do kinda wish that Varys and Bronn were real cards though,” he said in conclusion. “I think their effects could legitimately be a lot of fun.”

There was one very important character that was left out of the deck though. Fellow Redditor, thedronk helped out to make it a nice round deck of 32 cards by including Hodor.

H/T: PC Gamer

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