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'Game of Thrones' spoilers: Sneak peek for season 4, episode 10 'The Children'

On June 8 SpoilerTV posted a sneak peek for "The Children," the season finale and tenth episode of the fourth season of "Game of Thrones," which will set up the events of the fifth season. The episode will be the longest in the history of the series, clocking in at sixty-six minutes long. Unlike the previous episode, the season four finale will wrap up the events at the Wall, across the Narrow Sea and in King's Landing.

Liam Cunningham
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The thirty second preview reveals that Bran and his companions Jojen and Meera finally complete their quest to find the special tree north of the Wall. It's unclear what the future holds for Bran, but his warging abilities should be a bigger part of the next season. It seems Jon Snow succeeds in his mission to find Mance Rayder, after being captured in the forest by a group of wildlings. He went into the woods to try to make a deal with Mance, knowing the Wall wouldn't hold another night of battle.

Meanwhile in King's Landing, Tyrion is still rotting in a prison cell after Prince Oberyn failed to win his trial by combat. Cersei wants him executed for killing King Joffrey, even though he was not the one with the poison. She discusses the future of the Lannister family with Tywin, and later seems to make up her relationship with Jamie through a passionate kiss. There is a quick shot of Varys looking displeased, and it's possible the finale will include him dealing with Tyrion in some way like the books.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys is facing change among the Unsullied and the other cities she has liberated. There is another shot of one of the dragons opening its mouth to someone, and it's possible the title of the episode could be related to the dragons. The finale is called "The Children," and the dragons are the children of Daenerys since she is the Mother of Dragons. The title could also be a reference to the fact that the children of the major families like Bran, Daenerys, and Tyrion cause major changes for the future of Westeros.

The Epoch Times posted spoilers on June 8 about the finale and what fans can expect from the main characters. The fifth season of the series will begin filming in July in several different countries including Malta, Iceland, Morocco, and possibly Spain. The new ten episode season won't air until April 2015 and a sixth season was also ordered by HBO a few months ago.

The season four finale "The Children" will air on Sunday, June 15 at 9 p.m. on HBO. The ninth episode of each season contains some of the most shocking material and the season finale episode is the set up for the next season. The finale will include several surprises especially at the Wall and in King's Landing and it's possible that not everyone will make it out alive. The episode was directed by Alex Graves and written by show creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

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