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‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers: Jaime reacts to Tywin’s death, Cersei’s nude scene

‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers: Jaime reacts to Tywin’s death, Cersei’s nude scene
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

When “Game of Thrones” Season 5 returns, one of the story lines most eagerly anticipated is how Jaime Lannister will react to the news that his father, Tywin is not only dead but at the hands of his younger brother, Tyrion. Jaime helped Tyrion escape from their sister’ Cersei’s sinister plan to have the younger sibling put to death. How will he feel when he learns his act of brotherly love was used in this manner? According to Yahoo! News on Sept 3, it won’t be good.

Tyrion had been charged with the murder of Jaime and Cersei’s incestuous offspring, King Joffrey. Jaime never believed Tyrion was guilty and helped his brother escape before it was too late. Tyrion’s last act before getting out of Dodge, er, Westros, was to kill his father.

Jaime, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, will be shocked to discover the body of his father when Season 5 picks back up. Though the eldest Lannister and his father had a difficult and complicated relationship, they were still family. Jaime never expected this and it will hit him hard. Speaking about his decision to help Tyrion, Coster-Waldau said, "It wasn't something that his sister would want him to do and I think it's safe to say that he didn't expect in his wildest dreams that the consequences would be that his father would get killed."

"I think even though his father was a very complicated man, he was still his father. Jaime loved him. So it's going to be a very complicated situation for Jaime when the show comes back," he added.

Will Jaime be so devastated by Tywin’s death and his own unintended role in it that he hunts Tyrion down for revenge? That is certainly a possibility.

As for Cersei, she’s going to have some controversy of her own to deal with. After being insulted and stripped naked, she is going to have to walk naked from the church through the streets of King’s Landing. The scene is set to be shot in Croatia where the church holds a lot of sway. They aren’t keen about the scene but producers can’t cut it. It’s an integral part of the books and an iconic scene. Fortunately the Croatian film commission has granted permission for the street scene to be shot with the caveat that Cersei never sets foot inside the actual church there. The interior scenes will be shot on a set elsewhere, according to TMZ.

“Game of Thrones” Season 5 is already filming. It will return to HBO in 2015.

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