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'Game of Thrones' spoilers for season 4, episode 5 'First of His Name'

Westeros still hasn't recovered from the events of the Purple Wedding, and the drama is about to get even more intense. On April 27 Wetpaint Entertainment posted spoilers for the upcoming fifth episode of the fourth season of "Game of Thrones," which will focus on the future of King's Landing. The episode, entitled "First of His Name," will feature events north of the Wall, across the Narrow Sea and the crowning of a new king.

Kit Harington
Photo by Ian Gavan

The synopsis for the episode reveals that Daenerys has decided to stay in Meereen to prevent unrest among the freed slaves. She consults with her comrades about her progress and tries to determine how many slaves she needs to take the throne in Westeros. It's unclear if she is aware of the recent changes to the throne in King's Landing.

After Joffrey's death, Tommen is crowned King so he can begin to rule. Cersei keeps a close watch on him after what happened to Joffrey and Jamie's lack of security surrounding him. Margaery Tyrell sets her sights on Tommen and appears to flirt with him while he is on the throne, but Cersei catches her. Tywin advises Tommen on how to rule and provides much more influence than with Joffrey.

Jon and the other men march for Crastor's Keep to kill the men before they can talk to the wildlings. Jon devises a plan to attack after sundown, while the men will be caught off guard. He is unaware that Bran and his companions have been captured. This is the mission mentioned in the synopsis and he can also free Summer and be reunited with Ghost.

Sansa and Littlefinger make it to the Eyrie, where Littlefinger is set to marry Sansa's Aunt Lysa. She seems to be in love with Littlefinger although he is indifferent. They taken in Sansa and disguise her as a cousin of House Arryn to protect her from being discovered. Meanwhile, Arya is still traveling with the Hound, but she pulls her sword on him after being fed up with his actions.

On April 28 SpoilerTV posted a sneak peek for the episode, which confirms the synopsis and sets up the tone of the episode. Cersei and Tywin are concerned about the future of the crown while Margaery tries to make sure she is not taken advantage of by the Lannister family. She wants to marry Tommen to stay in power, but Cersie would never allow that. Littlefinger is up to his old tricks with Sansa caught in the middle, knowing his involvement in Joffrey's death.

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