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'Game of Thrones' spoiler roundup for season 4 finale 'The Children'

On June 5 Wetpaint Entertainment posted spoilers for "The Children," the upcoming tenth episode and season four finale of "Game of Thrones," which will set up the events of the next season. The tenth episode will have just as much action as the ninth and will be the longest episode ever aired by the series at sixty-six minutes long. The episode will wrap up story lines while providing lots of action and several plot twists.

Emilia Clarke
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The plot synopsis for the episode reveals that someone will be visiting the Wall after the the battle between the wildlings and the crows. The arrival will affect the future of Castle Black and the power war going on in King's Landing. Many readers of the book know that Stannis Baratheon arrives in the North for a second attempt at taking Westeros. However, the White Walkers have been popping up when viewers least expect it.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys is struggling to keep the peace in Meereen while dealing with the fact that she had a traitor in her midst for so long. She isn't strong enough to try to take back the seven kingdoms in Westeros but she has to be able to lead everyone without so much conflict. Tyrion is fearing for his life after Oberyn died fighting for him in a trial by combat. In the books, he gets revenge on his father and Shae while being smuggled out of the city, but the series may not go that route. He needs his wits to find a way to cheat death for a second time.

Bran has finally made it North of the Wall, and after seeing his brother Jon alive he is ready to journey to the tree in his dreams. He is learning what it means to be a warg, and Jojen and Meera help him to uncover his destiny. Arya and the Hound will probably be shown briefly to set up Arya's new journey which has been confirmed through season five casting information. Brienne and Pod are still searching for Sansa and may also come upon Arya after learning she is still in the area.

International Business Times revealed on June 5 that the title of the episode "The Children" is due to the children of the major families making major changes in the episode. Jon, the son of Lord Stark rises to power thanks to his loyalty to the Night's Watch. Tyrion is finally where he family wants him but as always, Tyrion is smarter than both of his siblings and his father.

The season four finale is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 8 at 9 p.m. Production on the fifth season is already underway and filming will begin in Morocco, Iceland, Spain, Ireland and other countries in July. Several new character will be introduced from the city of Dorne and Braavos due to the gaps left by deaths in season four. The series was also renewed fro a sixth season and is now the most watched HBO series ever made.

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