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'Game of Thrones' sneak peek for season 4, episode 9 'The Watchers on the Wall'

Winter is here. On June 1 SpoilerTV posted a promo for "The Watchers on the Wall," the ninth episode of the fourth season of the HBO drama "Game of Thrones," which focuses on a major battle at the Wall. The ninth episode of each season has contained some of the most dramatic events of each scene, while the season finale sets up the next season. The episode will feature the wildlings finally attacking the Wall after four seasons of planning.

Tormund Giantsbane

The nearly forty second promo features only footage of a major battle, which is unusual since previous promos have included scenes from other parts of the story. The clip starts with a voice over from Maester Aemon about how love is the death of duty, while separate shots of Ygritte and Jon Snow are shown. Jon is standing on top of the Wall watching a huge fire engulf the trees, while Ygritte prepares for battle.

The wildlings decide it is time to attack the Wall, since there are no more towns between Mole's Town and the Wall. They are shown in a group slowly walking through the trees in the middle of the night. At Castle Black, the men carry weapons and torches as they prepare to fight the wildlings. Alliser Thorne is shown giving a speech to the men about how Castle Black has never fallen to the enemy, and that night will be no exception.

The rest of the promo is a bunch of different bits of the fight scenes, including some spoilers. Men fight each other with swords in the trees and within Castle Black. Wildings use spears and other weapons to kill the Crows, while Jon Snow takes out windings from all angles. One of the shots seems to show him getting seriously injured, which is similar to his story line in the books, although the show tends to stray from that.

Wetpaint Entertainment posted more spoilers on June 1 that reveal the battle will be a bloody one. The synopsis for the episode only contains information about the attack on the Wall, and will likely wrap up the story for Jon Snow and the Wall until next season. The episode will be a big one for Jone and Ygritte, who have not seen each other since Ygritte shot him full of arrows while he was fleeing back to Castle Black.

The battle will be the biggest event on the series since Stannis Baratheon tried to take King's Landing. The episode will air on Sunday, June 8 at 9 p.m. on HBO. There are only two episodes left in the fourth season, and production on the fifth season is expected to begin this summer around the globe. The series was also renewed for a sixth season by HBO, and the next book in the series is expected to be released this summer.

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