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'Game of Thrones' sneak peek for season 4, episode 7 'Mockingbird'

On May 12 Wetpaint Entertainment posted a sneak peek for "Mockingbird," the seventh episode of the fourth season of "Game of Thrones," which follows the events in Westeros from King's Landing to the Vale. The thirty five second promo feature the aftermath of Tyrion's trial and Daenerys Stormborn's next move for power. There are only three episodes left until the season four finale, which is expected air in late June.

Sophie Turner
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Jamie Lannister is outraged by the outcome of his brother Tyrion's trial. Tywin, Cersei and everyone expected Tyrion to be found guilty or confess due to the harsh evidence given by the witnesses, but Tyrion still got the upper hand. Despite being betrayed by Varys and Shae, he did confess to wanted to kill Joffrey and demanded a trial by combat. With a trial by combat, whoever fights for Tyrion gives him the chance to walk away if the fighter wins.

Meanwhile in Meereen, Daenerys is trying to keep the peace in the new city where he rules. Daario comes to her and asks for her to send him anywhere to kill her enemies since he did such a good job with the champion of Meereen. A giant man named the Mountain is also shown killing peasants, and he is an important character from the book series. The Hound and Arya are still in the Riverlands and the Hound reveals that the two of them together puts a price on his head.

Melisandre is still up to her tricks while Stannis and Davos Seaworth are dealing with the Iron Bank. She tries to show Lady Selyse of House Florent that she is strong enough to face the Lord's Light. Melisandre has her look into the fire and she becomes entranced by the flames. In the Vale, Sansa is still missing her life at Winterfell and sees a miniature version of the castle in the snow.

Littlefinger is still trying to get Sansa to stop asking questions about Joffrey's death. He asks her how far she would go to save someone she loved, but they just stare at each other. Later, Lady Arryn who had already threatened Sansa about her motives with Littlefinger, is shown trying to throw her niece into a hole. posted a synopsis for the episode on May 11, which paints a different picture for the episode than the video promo. The synopsis reveals that Tyrion receives help from an unlikely source and Jon Snow's warnings about the willing attack are still being ignored. Brienne and Pod are still traveling and get a new lead on Sansa, while Daario wants to serve Daenerys as best he can.

David Benioff and D. B. Weiss wrote the upcoming episode, and there are only three episodes left in the season. "Mockingbird" will be directed by Alik Sakharov. The episode will air on May 18 and focus on story lines that appear largely in the books but haven't been the focus of the series. The new episode will also set up events that will feature in the penultimate episode and season finale as well as season five.

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