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'Game of Thrones' season 4 trailer: Arya Stark wants revenge

On Monday, February 17 Wetpaint Entertainment posted the newest trailer for the upcoming fourth season of "Game of Thrones," which features plenty of new footage from the new ten episode season. The new season will premiere on Sunday, April 6 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Jon Snow

The trailer is just over one and a half minutes long, and gives more information about the new characters that will be spending time in King's Landing as well as the fate of most of the characters after the events of the third season finale.

Arya Stark is still traveling with the Hound, and is focused on killing Cersei Lannister, King Joffrey, The Red Woman and Tywin Lannister for what they did to her family. The wildlings are still trying to find a way to attack Castle Black in the dead of night, even though they know Jon snow betrayed them to warn the Wall. Bran is still learning about his new gifts and tries them out north of the Wall.

There is footage of Joffrey watching the preparations for the Purple Wedding, and a scene in which he and Margaery Tyrell walk up to the priest together. Sansa Stark well Tyrion that she has nightmares about the loss of her family, although he spends most of the trailer being locked up in a cell or led away in chains.

Dany is still traveling to new cities and ruling over them to build her army. She is already assuming the role of Queen, although she has yet to travel to Westeros. The Red Viper is making a name for himself in King's Landing after attending the Royal Wedding. Little Foot, Theon Greyjoy, and Brienne of Tarth also have small appearances in the trailer.

The new trailer is also filled with fight scenes between the wildlings and the crows, and the Red Viper. Cersei and Jamie are back to their romance and more danger seems to be following around every character. The ten episode season will return in less than a month, and a fifth season has already been ordered.

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