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'Game of Thrones' season 4 spoilers: When will Joffrey's killer be revealed?

Jack Gleeson
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This week on "Game of Thrones" fans were surprised and excited to see that King Joffrey is now dead. On Tuesday, Wet Paint shared big spoilers about when his killer will be revealed. The fans of the show can't wait to find out who poisoned the king.

Director Alex Graves is sharing a few spoilers about this show. He did say that it will be during season four that you will find out the killer was and more details about why it happened. This will all air during season four and fans will get the answers that they are looking for about his death.

If you remember the Red Wedding, you will know that it was just the beginning and not the ending. The Purple Wedding will be the same and it is just the start of bigger things to come. He also shared that if you watch the episode again you will not catch who the killer was because it isn't there. If you know how it turns out though, you can watch and put it all together.

Fans of the books know the killer is because it already happened in the series. Big spoilers are out sharing who killed King Joffrey and even how they did it. You would need to either know this already or read the spoilers if you want to know who killed the king before the show is ready to share the news. Sky News did share how a lot of fans are in an uproar about spoilers getting out early. Several media outlets and social networks revealed that Joffrey had died just seconds after it happened ruining it for the people who were not watching live at that moment.

New episodes of "Game of Thrones" air on Sunday nights on HBO. This season has just started and next week fans will get the third episode. You will get to see the aftermath of the Purple Wedding.

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