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Game of Thrones screenwriter to pen Magic film

You heard it THERE first.
You heard it THERE first.

Some of the things on the horizon for Magic would seem downright surreal not that long ago - case in point, the sale of the Magic movie rights to Twentieth Century Fox and the creeping sensation of a Magic movie actually being made. Keep in mind this is something that's been the subject of false rumor since nigh on twenty years ago, and no one ever treated the notion seriously, especially after the disaster that was the Dungeons and Dragons live-action film. But thankfully, according to Deadline, a writer on a respected property is now attached to the project:

EXCLUSIVE: It was inevitable, that the writers and directors of HBO’s staggeringly good Game Of Thrones would begin taking over the fantasy realm in features. 20th Century Fox has set Bryan Cogman, a producer, story editor and writer on the HBO drama, to script a potential franchise movie out of the fantasy card game Magic The Gathering. It will be produced by Hasbro and Fox-based producer Simon Kinberg.

While it's nice to know the Magic movie is in good hands, it still remains to be seen what, exactly, it'll be about - an upcoming plane, the Weatherlight saga, or something entirely different - and thereby hangs the entire tale.