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'Game of Thrones' roundup: Party like a Lannister with the Wines of Westeros

The Wines of Westeros will be available sometime before 'Game of Thrones' season five.
The Wines of Westeros will be available sometime before 'Game of Thrones' season five.
Photo courtesy of HBO

It’s time for another exciting roundup of Game of Thrones-related news to help you trudge through the dog days of the hiatus.

Whether it’s an Arbor gold or a Dornish red, Westeros loves its fermented grape beverages. Soon you’ll be able to drink like a Westerosi yourself, thanks to a forthcoming variety of wines inspired by Game of Thrones.

The Australian company Common Ventures is behind The Wines of Westeros, which will feature a dozen wines representing the various major houses in the Game of Thrones universe, plus groups like the Dothraki, Wildlings, White Walkers, and the Night’s Watch.

The descriptions are pretty great, too. Here’s the best way to enjoy “The Stark,” a Sauvignon Blanc:

Winter is coming. Throw on your furs, summon your direwolf and reject all wedding invitations.

Or how about a nice red (not purple, don’t worry) saluting House Lannister?

When your cellar is filled, you will know the debt is paid. Be wary of incest and betrayal - a sip of this wine may be your last.

Bottles are said to run about $20 and are available for pre-order now on the side project’s website. Huffington Post noted Monday that they’ll be ready to go in time for season five next spring.

Speaking of season five, production is set to get underway this summer and will eventually add Spain to the show’s already lengthy list of countries that stand in as various locations around Westeros and beyond. There was previous speculation that Spain would serve as the setting for Dorne, a region we have yet to visit on the show, and that is apparently the case.

Cast and crew will reportedly descend upon the cities of Seville and Osuna. Casting for that leg shouldn’t be too difficult; the Spanish production company associated with the show said it received over 10,000 applications for extras in just 24 hours.

It’s not yet officially confirmed, but rumor has it that the Alcázar of Seville will become the setting for Dorne’s Water Gardens, the gorgeous beachside residence of Prince Oberyn’s brother Doran and the rest of the ruling Martells. If that’s really the case, it’s a great choice; check out some photos of the stunning Alcázar here. Winter is Coming also predicts that a few of the sites may be used for settings in Meereen.

In other Game of Thrones news, the King Beyond the Wall now has an honorary degree. According to BBC News on Monday, Belfast native Ciaran Hinds, who returned to the show as Mance Rayder in the season four finale, received an honorary degree from Queen’s University for his contributions to film and drama. He had previously studied at the Belfast university but left to become an actor. Belfast also happens to be a major filming spot for “Thrones” and the location of the Paint Hall studio, which houses sets such as the King’s Landing throne room and that dang Iron Throne itself.

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