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'Game of Thrones' reveals too much in new preview

Cover Art for #20

George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones has never shied away from graphic scenes in any of its adaptations. That apparently was true for previews as well. Earlier this week, Dynamite Comics, the publisher for Game of Thrones, sent out a preview for issue #20 which was published onto multiple sites including the well known Comic Book Resources. This however, wasn’t your typical preview as it contained graphic material… extremely graphic material. Dynamite’s press preview included panels that showcased a fully exposed penis alongside a violent rape scene all uncensored.

The publisher quickly apologized for offending any potential viewers with this statement by Nick Barrucci:

I and the staff of Dynamite Entertainment apologizes; while the Game of Thrones source material is mature and we are faithful to that material, we should have been more careful in how we released that content for previews. We have learned from this unfortunate error, and will work to avoid future such incidents.

Should previews be allowed to show graphic content NSFW, or should the reader be able to discover these scenes on their own? What are your thoughts?

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