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'Game Of Thrones' recap of season 4, episode 3 'Breaker Of Chains'

'Game Of Thrones' recap of season 4, episode 3 'Breaker Of Chains'
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"Game of Thrones" followed up Joffrey’s murder with the aftermath in season 4, episode 3, “Breaker of Chains” on Sunday night. Tyrion’s in trouble, Tywin forged a new alliance with an old foe, Sansa escaped the city but may be in more peril, Jon Snow warned the men of The Wall again about the Wildlings, The Hound broke his code and Cersei and Jaime disturbed us with their relationship again, according to the recap on Yahoo! News April 20.

As Joffrey lay dead in Cersei’s arms, she screams her accusation at Tyrion, “You did this!” Ser Dontos grabs the unknowingly complicit Sansa and drags her away before anyone can notice. But Cersei does notice and orders the gates barred And the harbor ships searched. She is convinced Sansa and Tyrion did this to Joffrey.

Dontos rows out to a ship where Sansa is helped aboard by none other than Littlefinger. He assures her she is safe and then has Dontos killed to silence him. Sansa screams and Petyr reminds there 1,000 gold cloaks are looking for her. The King who murdered her father and tortured her for years lies dead and she fled the scene. It looks bad for her. He also tells her the necklace Dontos gave her, the one that carried the poison, was commissioned by him.

Margaery feels cursed, now the widow of 2 husbands. Lady Olenna comforts her by reminding her that watching Joffrey die is preferable to living out her life as his wife. She also suggests the next husband should be easier.

Tommen Baratheon, Joffrey’s younger brother, is asked by Tywin if he understands what this moment means for him. He does. He will now be king. Tywin tells his young grandson that he must now take a bride and leads him away to explain why.

Jaime dismissed the guards standing watch over Joffrey’s body. Cersei reiterates her belief that it was Tyrion who did this. She wants Jaime to avenge their son but Jaime wants to let the trial run its course and prove it out. Cersei believes Tyrion will squirm his way out of it. Jaime hugs her as she cries and she kisses him but then pulls away. He forces himself on her, ripping her clothing, despite her pleas that "It's not right," and he takes her on the floor below their dead son’s body.

Arya and The Hound come to a cottage and Arya convinces the man that The Hound fought for her mother’s family, even referring to him as her father. They are fed and given shelter for the night. In the morning, Arya wakes to the sound of screams and discovers The Hound has knocked the man to the ground and taken his silver. Arya is appalled at his behavior and the two quarrel as they leave.

Tywin enters the brothel where Prince Oberyn is otherwise engaged and dismissed the other participants of the orgy. Once alone, Tywin questions Oberyn about his conversation with Tyrion. They discussed the death of his sister Elia, a death he blames Tywin for. Still seeking revenge, Oberyn wants a meeting with the man who killed his sister but Tywin proposes a different deal. He wants Oberyn to both sit as judge at Tyrion’s trial and to sit on the Small Council for the new king. He knows Oberyn’s people are the only ones who have ever been able to resist the dragons, and Danyerys Targaryen is bringing 3. In exchange, for his help seeking justice for Joffrey’s death, Tywin will help Oberyn get justice for Elia’s.

Tyrion is visited by Pod. Tyrion learns he is to be tried in 2 weeks’ time with Oberyn overseeing the trial. He also learns that Sansa is missing and defends her as Joffrey’s assassin but realizes whoever is behind it, set it up so that he would look guilty. Sansa’s disappearance only implicates him further. Pod informs Tyrion that he has been offered the title of Ser in exchange for testifying against Tyrion. Tyrion warns the young man to get out of King’s Landing before he is executed too.

A young boy, the survivor of the latest Wildling attack, makes his way to Castle Black and informs the Crows that Mance Rayder and his men are coming. Jon Snow must shore up the boy’s story. Ser Alliser Thorne listens and agrees to fortify the castle.

Daenerys and her army have arrived outside the gates of Mereen. The city’s champion has come out to battle Dany’s champion. She chooses Daario Naharis. The Mereen champion looks him over, laughs and urinates in front of her army before mounting his horse. Daario quietly slips his knife out before hurling it at the charging beast. The horse is stabbed in the eye and falls thunderously to the ground, toppling its rider. Daario slashes the man with his curved blade. The Mereen soldiers fire arrows at Dany’s army but miss. With the contest over, Dany speaks to Mereen, saying, "Your enemy is beside you. I bring you a choice and I bring your enemies what they deserve." Giant catapults launch barrels at Mereen's city walls. When they burst open, broken collars tumble out onto Mereen's streets. A slave still wearing a collar picks one up and turns his gaze on his master.

"Game of Thrones" continues Sundays at 9 PM ET/PT on HBO.

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