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'Game of Thrones' promo for season 4, episode 8 'The Mountain and The Viper'

On May 18 Wetpaint Entertainment posted a sneak peek video for "The Mountain and The Viper," the eighth episode of the fourth season of "Game of Thrones," the medieval HBO drama. There are only three episodes left in season four and the new episode won't air for another two weeks. The title of the episode hints at a major battle and the introduction of a new character from the books.

Pedro Pascal
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The thirty second promo reveals that the episode is mostly a reaction to the events of the previous episode and sets up the season finale. Ramsay Snow is checking that Reek is prepared to return to the world as Theon Greyjoy, although he is still loyal to Ramsay. He send Reek on a mission to capture a castle while soldiers are mobilizing elsewhere.

After Lord Baelish took care of Lady Aryn with the Moon Door, he faces having to explain her death. Sansa Stark is called to tell her story since she was being pushed through the door before Lord Baelish showed up, and witnessed the truth. Sansa reveals that Baelish has lied about many things and she wants to tell the truth. Baelish has his head down and is not looking at anyone, but he usually always has a plan.

Meanwhile, the Wildlings continue to get closer to the Wall by attacking Mole's Town. This is the place where Sam took Gilly and her son to be safe. The soldiers at Castle Black learn of the attack and Sam worries about leaving Gilly unprotected since the Wildlings kill everyone. Jon and Sam realize that the next attack will be against Castle Black and try to get everyone to prepare for a big battle at the Wall. posted additional details from the sneak peek on May 18, revealing that Prince Oberyn does fight for Tyrion in the trial by combat. He is shown kissing Ellaria, who is surprised by the size of The Mountain. The final moments show Oberyn revealing his skills as the Red Viper and starting the battle with the Mountain.

The episode will not air until June 1 at 9 p.m. on HBO. The new episode will feature heavy spoilers from the book series and an epic battle between two skilled swordsmen. The first half of the episode will feature everything involving Sansa, Ramsay and the Wildings, while the second half will focus on the battle between The Mountain and the Red Viper.

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