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Game of Thrones kills off hated character

Jack Gleeson,otherwise known as the hated king Joffery of Game of Thrones.
Veronica Paz

Most viewers were shocked, but delighted when the evil child Game of Thrones king was offed in Sunday’s episode. Jack Gleeson, the 21 year old Irishman played King Joffrey ,who was a nasty piece of work and Gleeson portrayed that role beautifully. He was never well liked by viewers and had the same problem in his role as king. He may have been the most detested character on the show that offers many characters up for hating. His mother may vie for most despised person on this show but, it is close when a person must choose between a scheming, incestuous queen regent and her evil, warped son who loves instilling pain and misery on everyone.

It is easy to explain away his nastiness when it has been brought to light that Joffery was the product of the incestuous relation of his mother, Cersei (Lena Headey) with her brother, Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Talk about your dysfunctional families.

Beware of attending any Game of thrones weddings, it never ends well. This one also, where Joffery marries Margaery Tyrell played by Natalie Dormer. We thought we had seen the worst of the murderous weddings in last seasons’ offering. This one may equal it in surprise, but not in the ghastly account we viewed last season. Besides, people really cared about those characters and loved them even. Viewers were sad to see them killed off, not so with Joffery.

Hating Joffery, the role played by Jack Gleeson, was easy as each episode he made one more enemy in the story as well and among his viewers. He was not noted for his pleasant disposition or his magnanimity toward others, but remembered for beheading his intended’s father, having people’s heads displayed on pikes and making a fool of his diminutive sized uncle, Tyrion played by Peter Dinklage, who has more courage and principal than all the other Lannister’s together.

Joffrey just lived to make fools of everyone with the exception of his father, whom he had yet developed sufficient courage to try his hand against. It was true that everyone thought when this unpleasant child became king, that his mother would really be ruling, but he soon turned the tables on her while expecting obedience and subservience from his mother. He was king and everyone better show him that respect. In recent episodes, his mother fared no better than others when he was angered with her. She would have soon lost her place to the new Queen anyway, but it is now over for Cersei, unless there is yet another murderous result in the works.

The poisoning of Joffery was sudden and although the viewer still doesn’t know who the culprit was, any fans of the ‘Throne’ are grateful for this episode. Viewers are weighing the possibilities for who assassinated this king. There were so many who wished him ill.

In real life, Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) was anxious for his part to be over in this series since he wishes to end his acting career after his stint in ‘Thrones.’ When interviewed he cited his desire to go to school, become an academic and spend his days writing poetry. A far cry from the picture of the person he portrayed in this world class series.

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