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‘Game of Thrones’ discussion of ‘The Lion and the Rose’ and who is the killer

‘Game of Thrones’ discussion of ‘The Lion and the Rose’ and who is the killer
‘Game of Thrones’ discussion of ‘The Lion and the Rose’ and who is the killer
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By now, most of you know there was another shocking and cruel death in Westeros this weekend when “Game of Thrones aired “The Lion and the Rose” otherwise known as the ‘Purple Wedding.’ In its April 13 post, The Washington Post says cruelty is the real theme of the episode and we would have to agree. If you haven’t seen it, yet, stop reading now to avoid the spoilers ahead. We’re going to explore who did it.

Ever since the boy king took Ned Stark’s head in season 1, fans have been waiting for King Joffrey to get his and in ‘The Lion and the Rose,” he finally did. It was a gruesome and agonizing death, one befitting his true nature as a sadist and tyrant. BY the close of the episode, “Game of Thrones” fans, or at least those who haven’t read the books, were left wondering who did it and how it was pulled off.

What Joffrey’s death wasn’t, was an act of revenge for Rob Stark’s death in the ‘Red Wedding.’ Tywinn Lannister arranged that to bring a swift and brutal end to the war. Joffrey’s death was much more underhanded and personal. And might not have occurred if the boy-King hadn’t been such a jerk.

The clues were there, beginning in season 2 episode 5, “The Ghost of Harrenhal,” when Peter Baelish, aka Littlefinger, ask the recently widowed Margaery Tyrell is she wants to be a queen. Her reply is very telling. “No. I want to be the Queen.”

At Littlefinger’s urging, the Tyrells align themselves with Joffrey. This puts Margaery in position to become queen and removes Sansa Stark from contention and Joffrey’s evil clutches, according to Screen Rant.

The next clue came during season 3, episode 2, “Dark Wings, Dark Words.” Lady Oleanna, aka the Queen of Thorns, meets with Sansa Stark to find out just what kind of man Joffrey is. Lady Oleanna is concerned about the character of the man her granddaughter is set to marry.

Reluctant at first to speak harshly of the king, Sansa finally admits, “He’s a monster.” The Queen of Thorns does not seem shocked and says, “Ah, well that’s a pity.” It would seem this is the moment when Joffrey’s fate was sealed. Way to go Sansa!

The final clue came in the premiere of season 4. Sansa receives a gift of an amethyst-filled necklace from Dontos Hollard in gratitude because she saved his life. During the wedding reception, the Queen of Thorns once again seeks out Sansa in order to convey her condolences over Robb’s death. Oleanna says to her, “War is war, but killing a man at a wedding – horrid.”

As they chat, Oleanna touches Sansa’s necklace and makes off with one of the amethyst beads. All that is left for her to do is get it and the poison it contains, into Joffrey’s cup, a task she could easily have carried out during the dove pie cutting.

Dontos Hollard returns to the wedding to save Sansa and in so doing, gives away his involvement. He cautions her to leave with him now if she wants to live. She flees and it is Tyrion who is left holding the murder weapon, Joffrey’s wine goblet. In his death throes, Joffrey points to Tyrion, indicating he believes Tyrion is responsible.

Did you catch the clues? Do you think it was the Queen of Thorns who killed Joffrey or someone else?

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