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'Game Of Thrones' director on filming Tyrion, Shae split and Cersei scenes

'Game Of Thrones' director on filming Tyrion, Shae split and Cersei scenes
'Game Of Thrones' director on filming Tyrion, Shae split and Cersei scenes
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Those who have watched Sunday’s episode “The Lion and the Rose” on “Game of Thrones” already know there was a major death (spoilers ahead). There was so much more to the episode than that scene, though. Yahoo! TV talked with the director and shared his thoughts on other great scenes from the episode on April 15.

One scene is the one involving the break up between Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and his love, the slave girl Shae (Sibel Kekilli). Tyrion was forced to end his relationship with the woman he loved for her own good. Her reluctance to listen to him forced him to be cruel in order to make her leave King’s

Another great scene was the confrontation between Cersei and Brienne. Cersei had some other remarkable scene like the one with Margaery and another with Oberyn. It seemed as if she was even more diabolical than is typical in those scenes.

Director Alex Graves said the only piece of direction he gave the actress, Lena Headey, was ‘the more polite you are, the better.” In response, Headey played the scenes and smiled a bit more and paused a bit more – just enough to make her portrayal even more chilling.

In the scene with Brienne, played by Gwendoline Christie, Graves explained that Brienne doesn’t do well playing with royals. Brienne goes into the scene knowing all she has to do is say her hellos and she’ll be sent on her way without any complications. When Cersei states, simply, “And you love him,” Brienne is done for.

Graves says the scenes in episode 2 set up things to come in later episodes, specifically 8 and 10 which he also directed. He says episode 2, of all the episodes he directed, was the smallest and 10 is the largest. So in other words, the opulence and shock factor of Joffrey’s wedding and death are the smallest this director has dealt with this season.

The scene between Tyrion and Shae was emotional and painful. Tyrion is such a deep-feeling character and his love for Shae is boundless. He knows he has to get her out of there. He doesn’t want to hurt her but she gives him no other choice.

Graves set up the shot and filmed both actors at the same time. They repeated the scene over and over before Graves offered this bit of direction to Dinklage.

“I went into Peter and said something like, 'OK, now just get through it because you've got somewhere else you've gotta be in five minutes.' And with all the emotion that he has, and Peter is an incredibly warm and loving person, so it was very, very hard for him, he really brought that back into the scene and gave not only [a] more chilling performance, but we said afterward, [an] effective performance.”

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on HBO.

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