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"Game of Thrones" characters we lost this season

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"Game of Thrones" is pretty well known for being a show that doesn’t shy away from making the audience recoil in horror. In addition to the gore we all frankly expect to find in a show featuring a Medieval-esque war torn landscape, there is also the very real fear that the character we’ve all spent a full season getting to know and love will be viciously ripped away from us, probably at their own wedding.

If you’re not caught up, read no further as there are spoilers upon spoilers. We’re about to take a melancholy look back at those we’ve lost this season in the hopes of softening the blow of having to find all new characters to love and hate next season.

King Joffrey Baratheon

Viewers had been waiting for this moment a long time. In addition to being a royal pain in everyone’s backside, King Joffrey was responsible for the death of Ned Stark in season one. The first major character death of the series, and the one that let us all know that George R.R Martin has no respect for any of our feelings. Watching the little brat choke on poison wine at his own wedding was as satisfying as it was super-gross, and is not something any of us will forget for a while.

Dontos Hollard

This Knight turned fool seemed like a nice guy at first. However, anyone working with Little Finger has to have some moral shortcomings. Still, we’ll never be really sure if he deserved that crossbow bolt to the chest, since he can’t exactly tell us his side of the story.

Lysa Arryn

It’s likely that everyone saw Lysa’s end coming. The kind of madness she displayed, as well as her refusal to see Peter Balish as the manipulator he is was pretty much a red flag from the moment she appeared on screen this season. Still, getting tossed out of a “Moon Door” from unknown, yet extreme heights is a pretty terrible way to go. Still, her absence is going to pave the way for all of the undoubtedly scandalous scenes we can expect from Sansa Stark and Little Finger next season.

Oberyn Martell

The writers did such a good job of making us love this guy right up until the moment they dashed all of our hopes and dreams of seeing his future antics. He was suave, sophisticated, and frankly quite progressive for a Westerosi man. Oberyn was so obsessed with justice that it was his undoing. This probably won’t be the last we hear from the Martell family, if they’re all equally into revenge. Hopefully, Ellaria Sand will be smart enough to lay low until she’s got some more back-up in King’s Landing.

Mag Mar Tun Do Wed - AKA The Really Freaking Big Giant Guy

We only got to see the giants for a few moments during “The Watchers on The Wall.” In that time, it was made pretty clear how determined the Wildlings were to make it over the wall before winter. There wasn’t much of his demise seen on screen, but somehow a few rag tag Night’s Watchmen managed to kill a guy big enough to pull a tree up by its roots. He’s still got a brother out there somewhere, so we might get to see a more action packed Giant-Slaying in the future.

Styr – AKA Creepy Cannibal Wildling Leader

We only got to see a few short scenes with the Cannibal Wildlings, and most of them were battles. Still, this particular Man-eater was charismatic enough to earn a spot on this list. Unfortunately his character was built up enough that we all expected to see at least one gruesome cannibal scene, and we never got it. Still watching this particularly terrifying character meet his end was pretty satisfying.


Sadly Jon Snow won’t get to have gorgeous ginger babies with his Wildling bride. For a moment it looked like they might just run off together and leave The Wall behind, but unfortunately we’ll never know if they could have made it work.

Jojen Reed

Knowing that Jojen saw his demise coming from the moment he appeared on screen, and still delighted us on his quest to help young Bran makes him a much more admirable character. This young clairvoyant will be much missed by the viewers as he always seemed to add an otherworldly character to his scenes. His persona was nearly just as mystical as any dragon or White Walker.


This was the death most viewers did not see coming. Shae’s return made her a much less sympathetic character. It was one thing for her to testify against Tyrion during his trial, presumably under duress. Yet finding her in Tywin Lannister’s bed pretty much sealed everyone’s opinion that she was officially terrible. Still it was sad that Tyrion had to exact revenge on someone he used to love.

Tywin Lannister

This particular "Game of Thrones" death was pretty predictable once Tyrion was set free. Tywin’s manipulation of his family finally caught up with him. The scary thing is that Cersei will probably become 10 times the villain next season without him to hold her back. We can all look forward to watching her become more unhinged that ever before, now that she doesn’t have to answer to Daddy.

Sandor Clegane – AKA The Hound (Unconfirmed)

It really seemed like The Hound might be making his way towards being one of the good guys. Once he learned that he wouldn’t be able to sell Arya to her aunt, the fact that he kept her around is indicative of his feelings of being her protector. Still, his tendency towards violence ended up being his undoing, though we can’t be sure if he is actually dead. His injuries were definitely life threatening, yet he was technically still alive the last time he was on screen.

When watching a show like "Game of Thrones," character deaths are more normal than situations where everything turns out alright. Still, we will all miss watching certain characters even if they were horrible. Though it is always interesting to watch the different ways in which they meet their ends. With the arrival of The Children, and the conquering of the north by the Boltons, there will undoubtedly be many more characters that come and go.

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