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‘Game of Thrones’ auditions has 500 residents in Croatia waiting for jobs

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

The fans of “Game of Thrones” are serious people who live around the globe. They would do anything to get a part including standing in line for hours. According to Fansided on Wednesday, that is exactly what happened in Sibenik, Croatia where 500 locals waited in line for hours in hopes to get a job on the set of the famous television show.

Handing out application forms for the show, the potential actors and actresses filled the standard information like contact information, height, weight and more. However the application also included questions suited to “Game of Thrones” actors. These included questions on whether or not the applicants would be willing to appear naked, would agree to a haircut and even if they could be shaved. Looking for people willing to play the part, this job description sounds tougher than the typical Hollywood acting gig.

The “Game of Thrones” obviously had plenty of interested people wanting to be part of the shoot. Pictures revealed a town square overrun by individuals who patiently waited in line for their turn to be seen. With so many individuals, there is no doubt the casting crew spent hours looking for the right folks to appear in the series.

“Game of Thrones” is a very popular American fantasy drama television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels. The first novel of the series is titled “A Game of Thrones.” The TV episodes are mainly written by Benioff and Weiss, who are the executive producers. As fans know, George R. R. Martin writes one episode per season. The show is filmed in a Belfast studio and shot on location elsewhere in Northern Ireland, Malta, Scotland, Croatia, Iceland, the United States and Morocco. It appears that Croatia can also be added to the list of locations where the filming will be continued.