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Game of Thrones and social media competition

Game of Thrones and social media competition

There’s a lot of competition in social media, much like the popular television show Game of Thrones. Each social network, like each character on the show, has its own share of the market and trials and tribulations. Warning: if you’re not caught up on Season 4, stop reading now!

Myspace, like Maester Aemon Targaryen, used to be a major player but was usurped. They are both making a comeback, though, by rebranding themselves. The Lannisters, much like Facebook, are the major power players, and both use their money to gain more power.

The Starks are able to use their power to see things others can’t, much like Twitter. Most Twitter users get their news through the site rather than from traditional news channels, much like the Starks don’t have to rely on conventional channels to get their news.

For more ways in which social media is similar to social networks, check out this great new infographic. You might be surprised just how similar they are!