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‘Game of Thrones’ actor dies 4 days into filming: Will show production stop?

Game of Thrones deals with death of cast member
Game of Thrones deals with death of cast member
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Sad news from the “Game of Thrones” is coming out of Ireland on Monday morning. Actor JJ Murphy is dead at age 86, but the cause of death has not been announced. According to the Huffington Post on Monday, the actor passed away on Friday night and the news of his passing was kept under wraps all weekend. Plans have been made for the funeral and is it expected to be held on Wednesday morning.

The star had a long career as a theater actor. JJ Murphy started his training with the Ulster Group Theatre School in 1948. He also was well known in movies and had a lengthy film career, with roles in such films as “Cal,” “Mickybo and Me,” “Angela’s Ashes” and the upcoming big-budget “Dracula Untold.” The entertainer was excited about the upcoming role in “Game of Thrones” and he was delighted to be working in his native country.

While fans are grieving over the loss of a talented actor, many are wondering how that leaves the “Game of Thrones” filming and the segments he was part of. JJ Murphy was playing Ser Denys Mallister of the Night’s Watch and was less than a week into the filming on set. It was obvious that he loved the part and the opportunity to be involved in a major show like the “Game of Thrones.” Now people are asking if the role will be cast again or if the story will change to reflect the current situation.

It’s doubtful that the crew and executives of the popular show will make any immediate decisions surrounding the character or the show story line in the immediate future. However, they will need to make a decision at some point as JJ Murphy was a big contribution and there is no doubt his fans will want to see him be remembered in some way either on or off the show.

The impact of JJ Murphy’s career has everyone remembering the man and reflecting on what a long and positive journey he had in the entertainment business.