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'Game of Crowns' scandal: Two husbands get into brawl at premiere event

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"Game of Crowns" just started airing on Bravo tonight and the drama has already started for this show. On Sunday, TMZ shared about a big scandal that happened at the big premiere event. A big brawl broke out between them two of the husbands while at the red carpet event. It ended up in a bloody fight along with ear biting.

Vanessa Sebastian was there with her husband Brian. Leah Guilmette was there with her husband Nick. The two met on the red carpet and this is when things went downhill. They got into a huge fight that got pretty bad. Reports are out that Nick even bit Brian on the ear twice. Pictures show that it was pretty bloody.

At least one of the men went to the hospital and it is still being investigated. Police showed up but didn't arrest anyone. It sounds like Brian is mad though and will be pressing charges on Nick. He could end up in jail over this big fight.

Vanessa and Leha have both been on Twitter today but it was all before the show aired. Neither one of them sent out live tweets during the show which is kind of odd. Bravo women are known for sharing things on social networks while their shows are airing. They are probably both still tied up with all of this drama.

US Magazine shared a bit about this big show that is all about the drama behind the scenes at pageants. These are all married women who are competing against each other. It is a very expensive battle and the drama is going to be crazy. This show airs on Bravo on Sunday nights along with "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." That is going to make for a wild night of television each week. Don't miss new episodes each week on Bravo.