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Game Informer's February cover story is 2K Games' 'Evolve'

Game Informer's February cover story is 2K's 'Evolve'
Game Informer's February cover story is 2K's 'Evolve'
Evolve Official Site

2K Games has announced that Game Informer will feature their recently revealed title, Evolve, as their February cover story. The cover for that particular issue has also been leaked and can be found online.

The game is said to include a story about four hunters that are fighting for survival against one monster. It seems to have a Left 4 Dead feel and during further research, the cover art states that "The creators of Left 4 Dead unleash a new breed of multiplayer" in Evolve.

Turtle Rock Studios not only assisted with the development of the Left 4 Dead franchise, but also worked on various maps for Counter Strike and a map for Half-Life 2. Lending their talents to 2K Games should help in creating a promising outcome with Evolve.

Until we can find out more about the title when the latest issue of Game Informer ships, we do know that Evolve will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. We will keep you updated on further reveals of this title. Until then, here is the official site for the title:

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