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Game Ideas: Invigorating the game industry with a little advice

This is the promo cover for the feature, Game Ideas.
This is the promo cover for the feature, Game Ideas.
Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony

There's a place in this writer's heart that hungers to make a video game. However, the talent is lacking in terms of computer prowess. While that can be solved given time and a great set of teachers, this new idea will be much faster. That is why this new feature, Game Ideas, is launching.

Game Ideas, at its core, is exactly how it sounds. The suggestions given in these articles and videos will hopefully inspire companies to create something different. This is not a feature looking for credit, or recognition. It is merely tool much like an engine for a video game is a tool. An example would be pitching Nintendo on a new Zelda game which, coincidentally, is exactly how this new column is going to launch.

Throughout the month of May, in a four part series, Game Ideas will revolve around Nintendo. It will go through twenty Nintendo properties suggesting ideas and improvements for a new game. Again, no recognition, or money is required. These ideas are free to anyone who cares. Helpful or not, at the end of the day, it’ll be a fun exercise to think critically on.