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Game Ideas: Fixing Nintendo Part 4

This is a promo for some Nintendo series.
This is a promo for some Nintendo series.

In this fourth and final edition of examining Nintendo’s properties, this writer will close it out with a bang. It’s been a wild run to try and fix Nintendo, but all good things must come to an end especially with E3 drawing nearer. Here is part four of Fixing Nintendo accompanied again with video segments.

Punch-Out: Why has this series gone so cold? There have only been three console games and that’s a darn shame. Maybe these ideas can help revitalize Little Mac.

Sin and Punishment: This is a series that never really took off in America, or in general. With only two games in the series, the latest version on the Wii was the only one localized. There's potential for a sequel so let's brainstorm.

Star Fox: Old Fox is doing barrel rolls in his grave. The last great game was on the N64 and since then the series has been treated to mediocre sequels. Where there is a will there is a way however and these ideas can help strengthen the Star Fox once again.

Legendary Starfy: Here's another series with little attention here. The first game to be localized was its last adventure on the DS. Prior to this there were three other GBA titles in Japan. Clearly there's some love in there somewhere so how about a sequel with these implementations.

The Legend of Zelda: Last but not least, Zelda. This crew had more ideas than one podcast could handle. New settings, characters, and more! Nintendo, hey, listen!

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