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Game Ideas: Fixing Nintendo Part 3

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In this third edition of examining Nintendo’s properties, things get hectic. Pokémon is the biggest name on this list, but the others franchises are important too. E3 is approaching closer so here is part three of Fixing Nintendo accompanied again with video segments.

Mother: There's not a single series fans want reborn more than Mother/Earthbound. Even localizing the 3rd game would be a godsend. If Nintendo does plan to do any new Mother games, here some suggestions.

Nintendo Wars: Known more over here as Advanced Wars, the series is a tad niche. Some people love the design while others find it too hard and complicated. These ideas should improve the series' overall recognition.

Pikmin: Pikmin 3 just came out on the Wii U so there's not much to say on the series. However, it could use a little spicing up for the next game. Here are some thoughts.

Pilot Wings: This is one Nintendo's oddest series. The games are used as technical demos for their respective systems (SNES, N64, 3DS). These are not great games, but maybe something cool could come out of this.

Pokémon: Next to Mario, this is Nintendo's second biggest franchise. There have been loads of flagship games as well as spinoffs and there’s always room for more. Listen up Nintendo, because these ideas will strengthen the franchise to an ungodly level!


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