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Game Ideas: Fixing Nintendo Part 2

This is another promo collage for Nintendo games.
This is another promo collage for Nintendo games.

In this second edition of examining Nintendo’s properties, this writer will dig deep into some of the giant’s biggest franchises. Plus two that are in desperate need of some tender love and care. This seems like the best time to do so with E3 right around the corner. Here is part two of Fixing Nintendo accompanied again with video segments.

Golden Sun: This is Nintendo's only traditional RPG series. For a while Studio Camelot switched between this and Mario Golf. While that series remains strong, Golden Sun is in need of a revamp. Here's how to do it.

Kid Icarus: Prior to the recent 3DS game, Kid Icarus was one of the longest slumbering properties beneath Nintendo. Despite some flaws in the controls, the reboot was fantastic. It's not too late to keep the momentum going and here's how.

Kirby: Kirby is one of those franchises that keep things fresh. There are the traditional Kirby games and then there are the oddball spinoffs like Epic Yarn and Mass Attack that completely reinvent things. Despite Kirby’s constant ch-ch-changes, here are some more tips on keeping the magic sparkly.

Mario: This dearly beloved franchise is in serious need of a reboot. While Mario's many flagship and spinoff titles are great, the imagination seems a bit lacking. This is the greatest debate Game Ideas has strung together yet! And dare this writer say his greatest list of material to completely rejuvenate Mario.

Metroid: Does Nintendo not hear the cries of its fans? New Metroid! Maybe Nintendo is simply out of ideas for Samus at the moment. That's ok; Game Ideas has a few concepts to share.

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