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Game Ideas: Fixing Nintendo Part 1

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As promised this is part one in the new Game Ideas feature. To kick things off, these first five Nintendo properties are in need of some rebooting. This is the perfect time too given E3 is right around the corner. Here is part one in Fixing Nintendo accompanied with some informative video segments.

Animal Crossing: Simulation games like this, or The Sims have never interested this writer. For many casual gamers, however, AC is their favorite series. That's fine and all, but here are some ideas on how to appeal to a wider audience.

Custom Robo: Here's s series with a good concept, but poor execution. Imagine a Pokémon game where battles are fought with miniature mechs instead of cute creatures. Then imagine a Pokémon game where characters never shut up the gameplay is secondary. Criminal right? So let's fix the CR series with some helpful tips.

Donkey Kong: Truthfully DK doesn’t need any help. The franchise was just revived a few years ago and it’s holding steady. Still, the games aren’t perfect. Maybe these concepts can help alter the series.

F Zero: Mario Kart needs to step aside and let Nintendo's other racing series come out of retirement. MK is a good, casual game for the family, but what about the hardcore racing fans? Third party games, especially racers, are scarce on the Wii U console so why not revive the FZ series with these useful tips.

Fire Emblem: Like Donkey Kong, the last Fire Emblem game, Awakening, was a semi reboot of the franchise. What was once a hardcore game had been improved to cater to all types of gamers. It was fantastic. Let’s keep the good will up with some more improvements like these.


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