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Game Gear: Jurassic Park review


The park's main computer system has gone down, disabling all of the electric fences and allowing the dinosaurs to roam freely about the island. Being the awesome Park Ranger that you are, they've assigned you the task of herding all of the dinosaurs back to their specific sections of the park...

What's it all about?
It's a side scrolling adventure/shooter, broken into two distinct sections: Driving and Action. Each level starts out in the Driving section, where you attempt defend your vehicle from the numerous dinos that attack while you make your way to whatever section you've picked. Using a crosshair cursor, you mow down anything that gets close to you, grab up a few power-ups and then attempt to take out one of the boss dinos. What's odd about this section: When you loose all your life, you don't just simply start the next section that much faster(there's no real penalty for doing poorly). In the Action sections, you run about the park, using one of your three main weapons to fend off the hordes while you make your way to another boss dino. Defeating it brings you back to the map where you can choose the next area you'll attempt to clear.

Graphics - Great! This is another 8-bit game that will just blow you back; the character graphics(yours and the dino's) are amazingly detailed and colorful. The stages themselves are jaw-droppingly impressive with their ambitious use of animation and just the sheer size of some of the sprites. All in all, it's a very impressive looking game.

Sound - Actually very good. Though it's an 8-bit soundtrack, it's done really well; you'll be shocked at how good it is. The sound effects are also pretty good, with the standard noises you'd expect plus a few digitized samples from the movie.

Control - Smooth. In either mode, you can get around very easily thanks to the smooth control and instant response of your character. About the only annoying bit is switching weapons(you have to hit Start to get to the menu), but you won't really find yourself switching that often, so it's not too bad.

AI - It's kinda just there...the enemies do a decent enough job of attacking...but your weapons are just too much for them, so you will rarely take any hits. On the bright side, at least it's not cheap AI...

Replay value - Relatively high. Though it's pretty short, consisting of just five levels, it's just a solid and fun'll want to come back and romp through the park again and again.

Tips for better gaming experiences:
When you finally make your way to the final room in the Visitor's Center(this can be identified by the seven doorways it contains), be *sure* to take the last door! Every other door will send you allllllllllllllllllll the way back to the beginning of the stage.

Brach doesn't much care for the missile launcher, be sure to use it on him. Also, though it doesn't seem to bother T-Rex, it *will* help you in your fight against him...

Rating: 88(out of 100) - Another excellent game for the GG! Amazing graphics, some great sound, solid control and two sections of gameplay make this walk in the park something to remember. The only sore points consist of the, sometimes, overly-easy AI and the fact that it's all over much, much too soon.

 Casually mowing down some pesky dinos...  Alone against the elements.  Park Ranger is packin'!
 Bad Brachiosaur!  Jurassic Coins!!!!  Getting gored by the Triceratops boss...
For more info: 
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Size: 4 megs
No. of players: 1


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