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Game Free: The Game Boy Jam

This is the title screen for the Game Jam website.
This is the title screen for the Game Jam website.
Game Jolt

Last week saw another huge event take place besides Gamescom. It was another in a series of indie programs, or Game Jams, which focus on a particular subject. Last one of note was Candy Jam, a humorous knock against the copyright claims of Candy Crush Saga.

This time the focus was on celebrating the Game Boy's 25th anniversary. In total there are 248 games in the collection. Most downloadable demos are for the PC only, but some games are also compatible on Mac and Linux. Plus there are flash games that work on everything. With such a massive collection it’s hard to cover them all, but that said, let's talk about this writer's favorite five.

Clockwork Gear Hunters: This seems to be the most fleshed out game of the bunch. It’s a strategy RPG pitting a team of adventurers against monsters. There are several dungeons and every character has a certain trait to them. It’s like a mini, more basic Fire Emblem.

Furbrawl: Do cats and ferrets get along? For this plucky young ferret, yes. Guide the furry hero through droves of evil cat soldiers as he slices and dices his way to victory. The sprites are pretty huge, making the game look a bit weird, but the concept and gameplay are more than enough to get players interested.

Gamepak Girl: Small girl hopping on platforms. Girl finds Game Boy cartridge that gives her super speed. Girl defies death in a ridculous set of puzzles. Fans of Super Meat Boy will dig this. Robot, out.

Pocket Strongman: This is by far the best of the bunch. This beefy looking dude, let's call him Rambo, is trying to save his fellow soldiers from...anthropomorphic pigeon mercenaries? It's weird, fun, looks great, and has a great song. This needs to be made into a full game!

Super Hyper Hippo: Like Gamepak Girl, SHH is a puzzle platformer that actually controls very similarly to the Wario Land games. Though there may not be treasure to uncover, battling through obstacles in every stage with the heavy hero is reward enough.

Head on over to the accompanying YouTube Channel, ReActionExaminer, for a quick look at these five games plus tons of other great videos.

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